Test bank for Microconomics Dean Karlan


Microeconomics 1st edition Dean Karlan Test bank

Full chapters are included from 1-23

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Test bank for Microconomics Dean Karlan


Test bank for Microconomics Dean Karlan

Table of content

Chapter 1: Economics and Life
Chapter 2: Specialization and Exchange
Chapter 3: Markets
Chapter 4: Elasticity
Chapter 5: Efficiency
Chapter 6: Government Intervention
Chapter 7: Consumer Behavior
Chapter 8: Behavioral Economics: A Closer Look at Decision Making
Chapter 9: Game Theory and Strategic Thinking
Chapter 10: Information
Chapter 11: Time and Uncertainty
Chapter 12: The Costs of Production
Chapter 13: Perfect Competition
Chapter 14: Monopoly
Chapter 15: Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
Chapter 16: The Factors of Production
Chapter 17: International Trade
Chapter 18: Externalities
Chapter 19: Public Goods and Common Resources
Chapter 20: Taxation and the Public Budget
Chapter 21: Poverty, Inequality, and Discrimination
Chapter 22: Political Choices
Chapter 23: Public Policy and Choice Architecture


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